Packinghouse Workers Mural with Les Orear

President of the Illinois Labor History Society Les Orear discusses The Worker Mural, and its origins and meanings for visitors today. Interview conducted by Lisa Oppenheim in December 2005.

Total Playing Time: ~50 minutes

Part 1
a) History of the District 1 Packinghouse building
b) Rationale for location of center and its use
c) Origins of the mural

Part 2
a) On the power of murals
b) More on origins and process of making of the mural
c) Reflection on lack of union’s involvement

Part 3
a) Description of the mural, “The Worker”

Part 4
a) “The Mantra of Black-White Unity”
b) “The Packinghouse” as community center today
b) “We’re Back in the Battle”: The meaning of the mural

Photo Credit: Lisa Oppenheim

The interview is the property of ILHS. CCWCS given permission to use on Labor Trail Interactive website.


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