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Tour the Haymarket Affair with William J. Adelman


Tour the Haymarket Affair with William J. Adelman - In 2006 Bill Adelman took a group from the Labor Trail team on one of his celebrated tours of the locations associated with the 1886 Haymarket Affair. Click on the photo above to listen in as Adelman describes the background of the Haymarket Incident; the events of May 4, 1886; the trial, execution, and pardoning of the Haymarket Eight; the Haymarket Martyrs’ funeral procession; and Martyrs’ Row in Waldheim Cemetery.   Listen


Les Orear Interview with Lisa Oppenheim


Packinghouse Workers Mural with Les Orear - Long-time packinghouse union activist Les Orear sits down with Lisa Oppenheim of the Labor Trail and the Chicago Metro Education History Center to talk about union movements in the packinghouses and the mural on the south wall of the old UPWA hall.”  Listen


Leon Fink and Dominic Pacyga Apearances on Chicago Public Radio


Leon Fink and Dominic Pacyga Appearances on Chicago Public Radio - Historians Leon Fink and Dominic Pacyga take Chicago Public Radio host Steve Edwards on a tour of Union Row and the South East Side. Listen, also, for an overview of the Labor Trail project as Leon Fink sees it.   Listen



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